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Fix Windows 10 Antimalware Service Executable(MsMpEng)

You may have heard about different antivirus like Avast, McAfee and several others, but it was really difficult for some of the windows users to download it from the internet and install it. Keeping that in consideration, windows launched a better version of Windows Defender, which was lately named as Antimalware Service Executable.


Antimalware Service Executable (Msmpeng.exe) is the name of a procedure that is controlled by an application called MsMpEng.exe, wherein the system is an inside technique of Windows Defender and is furthermore a Microsoft antispyware utility. Windows Defender antivirus programming itself is introduced in the PC that use the Microsoft working structure of Windows XP/7/8/8.1 or Windows 10.


You don’t need to worry if your computer has detected a virus; Antimalware Service Executable will scan your files which are installed on your system. If it turns out that there is a suspicious file, the application will quarantine or delete it. Furthermore, Windows Defender additionally gives constant security, which encourages us to raise the speedy activity after a spyware or malware is identified. This procedure is additionally intended to identify and delete spyware, adware, worms and Trojan steed infections. As an estimate, the procedure is normally around 14,100 bytes, possessing an insignificant measure of your hard drive space. Msmpeng.exe or Antimalware service executable is likewise a carefully marked document, which implies that it has been checked and tried to work accurately with Microsoft Windows.


Windows Defender is designed to give real time protection, but the most common problem which user faces is high consumption of CPU and disk. Users with low RAM or lesser computer specifications are most likely to face this issue. It can make our work look not as ideal as otherwise. Since Windows Defender is intended to give constant assurance of security, the product will get updated timely. However, this will delay PC execution and cause lag. Be that as it may, we can additionally not point the finger at Microsoft, on the grounds that they are sending automatic updates and that too, to protect us from malware and spyware.


What should you do to fix this issue? Here I will give you a way to solve high consumption problem of Antimalware Service Executable.

Changing schedule of windows defender:


Open up Windows Task Scheduler by pressing Windows + R keys together and type in the following command: “taskschd.msc.

antimalware service executable


At the point when the task scheduler gets opened, you’ll have to go the Windows Defender’s folder by perusing it from the left side panel. Simply open the folder and endeavour to discover the Windows Defender Sub-folder.

antimalware service executable


Select ‘Windows Defender Scheduler Scan’ from 4 options at the central panel and select properties from the rightmost panel.

antimalware service executable


From there will appear a popup window, go to the tab ‘Condition’. Uncheck all there on the Condition tab, but by default only ‘Start the task only if the computer is on AC power’ by tick. Moreover, you can likewise specifically turn off (crippling) Windows Defender Scheduled Scan, by right clicking and pressing Disable.

antimalware service executable

By these simple steps you can easily solve your problem of high consumption of Antimalware Service Exectuable.

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