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As your system starts to get old, you start coming across different errors which would make you nervous and often would waste a lot of time. Boot manager missing is one of the errors which is displayed on the screen when system is turned on.

boot manager missing

It’s totally uncertain and can occur anytime when computer is trying to boot from a non-bootable source. Some possible reasons for this error could be corrupted files, hard drive bad sector or loose hard drive cable, outdated BIOS, etc.  Good thing is, your data is secured and you do not need to worry about data loss.

You do need to fix it, though. Let’s see how.


First let’s talk about something very simple:


For this method you’ll need a Windows 10 compact disk.

  1. Insert Windows 10 bootable USB or disk into the CD-ROM and restart your computer.
  2. As your motherboard’s logo appears’ on your screen, press any key on the keyboard so that the disk you inserted can be booted instead of your hard drive.
  3. After selecting your preferred language press next and select Repair computer from the bottom left corner.
  4. To start Automatic repair you’ll need to select Advanced option which is visible on the Troubleshooting screen.
  5. By selecting Automatic repair option the computer will automatically start to repair your computer’s boot manager issue.
  6. As soon as this process gets complete, restart your computer and you are done fixing your BOOT MANAGER MISSING error.

What if the above mentioned solution didn’t help you? Don’t worry, let’s see another solution to build the boot services


You might be thinking what bootrec.exe is. It’s a windows built-in tool which is designed to repair or rebuild BCD. To repair BCD through this method, you need to follow the steps given below.

boot manager missing

  1. Insert Windows 10 bootable compact disk and restart your computer so that you can manually boot the system.
  2. Press any key to boot from the CD. Once the system is in the boot mode, half of your problem is solved since there is a possibility of hard drive to get booted. But that’s a rare case.
  3. After selecting all the language and keyboard options simply click on Repair computer on the bottom left and select the drive in which your windows in installed. (Most of the time it’s C: / Drive)
  4. Select System recovery and click on cmd so that you can type the following command “bootrec”.
  5. Once you are done doing this, just restart your computer and there you go. Your problem is solved.


Boot Manager missing error is not a major issue to deal with. Following one of the solutions posted above,  you will definitely be able to help yourself get back to working mode.


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