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How to clean RAM stick – In easy steps

Before getting into the fixes of how to clean RAM stick, let’s see what are the possible causes which lead to this outcome. Only then we will be able to filter out the most relatable solution. There are certainly number of problems that can cause RAM to stop working properly or in another case, slow down your computer’s performance. This includes excessive heat, power surges and overclocking.

Let’s learn how to clean RAM stick in really easy steps:

There are different ways to clean RAM stick. First of all, we need to know which RAM needs to be cleaned. Steps below help us to find the faulty RAM among multiple RAMs fixed in your system.

  1. Remove the side panel of your CPU and look for the RAM stick slots.
  2. Now you need to remove all the RAM modules from the motherboard and try

testing them one by one in different slots (there could be some faulty slots too).

  1. Due to serious power supply issue, one or more RAM sticks get damaged but you don’t

need to worry. It’s something very normal.

  1. Blow off the dust particles which could be possibly a cause of damaging your RAM.
  2. After that clean the contacts with cotton slightly moistened with rubbing alcohol or nail remover liquid (depends upon availability). Remember holding your RAM stick from edges.

clean RAM stick

  1. As you pass on to step no. 6, keep your cleaned RAM on a side and allow it to dry completely.
  2. Don’t worry if no alcohol or nail remover liquid is available. Instead you just have to

search for an Eraser and rub the contacts properly against that on both the sides of the RAM

stick. (The cheapest way to clean it up)

  1. Repeat steps after 4 if more RAMs need to be cleaned.
  2. After you are done, before placing the RAM back in the slots, make sure that they are

completely dry.

  1. Start placing the RAM stick in the slot one by one so that you can identify any further issue. (Placing all RAM sticks altogether might result in difficulty to identify problems, if any).

clean RAM stick

  1. After placing all the RAM sticks into the slots, put the side panel back to its position and

turn on your computer to check if above steps worked.

  1. If your problem is still not resolved, you might need to replace your RAM stick

(which is easily available in market).

These were some really easy steps which can help you exactly how to clean a RAM stick.

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