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Driver power state failure – The one that displays in Blue Screen of Death

What is the error driver power state failure?

The driver power state failure is an error which you see on BSoD, standing for “Blue Screen of Death”. Doesn’t the blue screen scare you to death? Well this is what the name also suggests!

You would wonder why exactly this error is being displayed despite everything else on your laptop or PC working great. Well the reason could be the incompatibility between one of the hardwares connected to your system and the driver which you used to install it.

Driver power state failure is not something which can not be fixed or beyond the abilities of man to repair it. It’s a minor fault that occurs if your system is unable to interpret a request due to incompatibility, which I explained above.

How do you identify exactly which device driver is creating a problem?

Exact information of the troublesome device driver can be identified by accessing a minidump file which your Windows creates immediately after blue screen is displayed. Please note that the filename of this minidump file has a .DMP extension. View this file by downloading Blue Screen View and execute it.


 driver power state failure

How do you fix driver power state failure?

Restart your laptop/PC

Simplest and the first way to deal with it is to restart your system by pressing in the power button. If the problem still found, then follow the next step posted below.

Update your BIOS

Know your system’s model number and look for a BIOS update on the internet. Download the matching BIOS update and execute it.

Update your driver

After you know which device driver is creating a problem, go to device manager and update that specific driver by right clicking on it.

Enter safe mode in Windows

In case your system is not rebooting properly and taking you to the desktop window, enter safe mode in windows using advanced boot options and then update your driver/BIOS.

 driver power state failure

In most cases, these three solutions would perfectly solve the driver power state failure.The problem has gone a bit far and the next thing you should do is to reinstall your operating system, Before doing so, DO NOT forget to get a backup of all your data which you might lose after your windows is either repaired or reinstalled.


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