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Easy fix: ‘System Thread Exception not Handled’ error diminished

The window mostly faces many different errors. Out of these exceptionally troubling error, one is ‘System Thread Exception not Handled’. To resolve the issue, we need to follow the several steps that can diminish the error completely.

How to remove ‘System Exception not Handled’ error:

1. Start by heading over to the start menu. Left click on it and search for device manager. Best manager come up as device manager right above control panel.

2. Left click on the device manager. So underneath, on the list of device manager, ‘display adapters’ is present. Click on the arrow on the side of it or you can double click on display adapter. Depending on what kind of display adapter you are using, it may be little bit different.

3. By clicking on display adapter, it shows update driver software. Left click on that. You can search for the update driver manually from the internet, it must be same as the display adapter you have on your device. Be patient as it will take couple of moments for running the scan.
Internet connection is required to run the scan. So, the best driver software for your
device gets installed.

4. Restart the computer to check if the problem is resolved

5. If the issue is not resolved, right click on the display adapter. Then, left cluck on the properties. Go up to the driver tab at the top which gives you the driver version.
Driver version is universal for all. All the drivers should have a driver version.

6. Proceed with opening any web browser. Depending on the kind of display adapter you are using. Type in the ‘video drivers’. Click on the first best match which is NYVIDIA drivers. Then click on ‘automatically find drivers for video products’. It is highly recommended to run this software.

7. When you download the driver, you actually have to manually install it. If you install it automatically, you don’t meed to to do all this, if you do this manually then you have to upload it

8. Go to the device manager window, right click on the display adapter again and click on update driver software. At this point, you can browse your computer for driver software and install manually

9. If, you ate still experiencing ‘System Thread Exception not Handled’ issue after restarting the computer then one further thing is recommended.

10. Restart your computer in safe mode then try to update your software drivers.

11. Go to the start menu by left click on it. Before clicking on the restart, hold down the shift key on the computer. Hold on the shift key while left clucking in keyboard. This restarts the computer in safe mode.

These steps in removing the ‘System Thread Extension not Handled’ are very beneficial and easy going. Some, alternate methods are also provided if he issue is not resolved by one method as every device uses different drivers and web browsers.

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