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Exclusive Gameplay with Vulkan Runtime Libraries

Basic Purpose of Vulkan Runtime Libraries:

Vulkan runtime library is a graphic API. Vulkan is going on a different path than both of those API’s that have been used over the past years. Over the past 20 years, that graphic hardwares have become more and more important in drawing, rendering, AAA games or high resolution graphics.

As hardware are growing up and as drivers are going through more advancement, one the back end, the area where developers like you and me normally don’t see the software that runs all of hardware managements and abstractions has grown more and more complex. With direct X11 and open GL4.5, the choices that have been made 15 to 18 years back were starting to really hamper the ability to get the most amount of power out of the hardware. The biggest change probably comes from the fact that when hardware acceleration started becoming a thing, computers were single processors, the chances that user had more than one processor were near zero. All of this had led very bully back end, the back end which is actually starting ti hamper the ability of top developers in graphics today.

The idea behind Vulkan runtime libraries is to strip away the old API. Its going to leave you front end developer with more access to hardware than you ever had before. It’s good because now you can fine tune the hardware and you can get the maximum juice out of it.

Uses of Vulkan runtime libraries:

• If you want to be a graphics programmer, then Vulkan direct X12 and getting the Vilkan software is a really awesome move for you. If, that’s not what you want to do, if you think, may be I want to do a game player, maybe be I want to to do UI programming or system programming or something else.
• It’s possible that Vulkan runtime libraries may not be the place for you to start, when it comes to making games graphics which is a big part, there’s a lot of engine, there’s lot tweaking that goes behind making a game.
• Graphics programming in Vulkan in the near term is going to get involved in AAA games and some others where 2 or 3 graphic programmers can be devoted to for programming.

How to use Vulkan runtime libraries:

If you have done enough programming and you feel like graphics programming is really where you should go then it Vulkan runtime libraries must be tried. It’s a free download and an open API. We will start with the basic tutorial of Vulkan.

1. Start with the basic triangle by opening it on Vulkan. It’s a basic window and single triangle with colour in each corner being blended in the middle. You can draw, you can click on it and spin it around, however you want. Pretty simple example with three vertices, three sites and pretty basic.

2. If you look at the source code, you are going to see a lot of stuff. The main loop is pretty simple. Going in to the header, there are some fairly large amounts of codes. There are whole bunch of different objects which users can learn. Learning objects, codes, and how everything works together and learning how to explore codes is a really useful tool.

If you want to be a game player programmer then it’s great because Vulkan runtime libraries contain lots of awesome stuff for graphic programmers to learn and develop. There are many routes into the game industry where industry needs a lot of game programmers. Graphic programming is one of the most important one. It can be amazingly pursued with Vulkan which is an updated version to solve many unbound hardware queries.

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