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How to fix memory management error

Like all other Windows errors, memory management error also occurs on Blue Screen of Death (BSoD). if this error has hit you, you have landed on the right page. We will help you diagnose the error and resolve it.

memory management error

Diagnoses is necessary since you need to know the cause before you can solve it. Here are a few ways how you can do both one after the other.

Get familiar with SFC Scanner and run it on your Windows

What is SFC scanner?

Before we get into anything else, let me tell you what this thing actually is. SFC Scanner is a program that scans your system for any abnormal activity, file, or condition, if present.

Run SFC scanner to identify if there are any errors that the system has in its log to show. Sometimes, if SFC scanner does not bring out any error in front of you, it makes sure that your system run better the next time you begin using it.

Uninstall a faulty software

Memory management error can also be caused due to some problem in one of the softwares installed on your computer. Try remembering the first time you came across this error and simultaneously recall the new software that you installed during that time frame. By trial and error method, begin uninstalling the softwares installed during that time. Though that’s tough luck but it might resolve the memory management issue for you.

Run Memory Diagnostic Tool

That’s the most relatable tool to resolve memory management error – has not the name suggested that already?

memory management error

This runs like scanning softwares, say Avast Antivirus Software, if you are familiar with it. But here, it scans the system for any sort of memory issue and if that exists, the tool brings all those issues in front on the screen so that the user can understand the problem and decide whether he needs to get a new RAM.

An additional note..

Some users complained that they came across memory management error when they upgraded their Windows from 8.1 to 10. The system would shut down and restart automatically.

Solution to the notified problem

When you get the hang of your Windows even for 5 minutes, go to device manager and begin updating all the drivers currently installed. Additionally, uninstall the extra ones. Memory management error will certainly not show up the next time you run the upgraded Windows.

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