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How to manage your food waste disposal ?

Food waste is food that is discarded or lost without being eaten. Discarded food items cause rotting hence releasing a methane substance which is a greenhouse gas that is more harmful than carbon monoxide. Foo becomes lost during processing, production, consumption or retailing stage. In the world, approximately one-third of food produced for consumption gets wasted. Some food wastes are reusable while some are non-reusable. Between these two there is need to separate the two types when thrown away. Inadequate disposal of these wastes can lead to health, environmental and economic effects. Environmental effects will come as a result of throwing food wastes on water bodies hence causing a change in the composition of water or water pollution. Land and air pollution is also an environmental effect. Economic effects will reduce the beauty of a particular area when there is no waste management. Waste management also creates jobs and revenue that comes from recycling. Another result of waste disposal is that it is a health hazard to communities within your community. Health effects can cause diseases like cholera outbreak, diarrhea, among other contaminable diseases. When disposing of this foods, it is also good to consider people who have nothing to eat at all. You can engage yourself in the principal that says, ‘Shop less, Waste little.

How to dispose of waste foods

Disposing of wastes is suitable in a clean place that will not make wastes spill over the ground. You can implement your compost bin or pit, or you can even register in a body that collects garbage in your town. Most foods tend to be not reusable.

The following shows how to dispose of waste food:

You can dispose of foods like fruits, tea bags, tissue papers, coffee grounds, vegetables and egg shells in a compost bin.

Don’t use a septic system as a waste disposal item

Consider the foods that need disposal

Act fast to know how to deal with spoilt foods

Arrange garbage collection frequently

Avoid compost bins overflowing with garbage

When treating of food waste, creating compost pits for fertilizers for your garden is advisable.


The waste hierarchy of waste management comprises of 3’Rs’.That is :




These three principals are easy to implement rather than having environmental, economic or health problems later.

1.Reduce: Reduce on the foods that are not necessary or avoid buying foods that you won’t consume. Always have a budget that aims at what is needed. When throwing foods ensure that you consider whether it is essential for that food to end up in the trash.

2.reuse: Some foodstuffs can be reused by maybe feeding to the animals especially pigs. In case there are fresh foods they can be used to feed the hungry. Some foods come as a result of production hence having a byproduct. Such foods can be reused to serve other purposes.

3.Recycle: Waste foods can be used to create compost for your garden hence creating good manure for your crops. The compost enriches and fertilizes your soil, and hence it reduces the cost too.

How to manage waste foods in hotels/restaurants

Restaurants and hotels cook different foods to customers and at times foods may get spoilt. Ignoring and saying the food is okay can cause significant problems for your business. Food poisoning is a major issue in restaurants, and it comes; as a result, of disposing of food unhygienic ally and whether the foods you offer are fresh. The following are waste management strategies that restaurants and hotels can follow:

Reduce costs by buying what is necessary and generate revenue from wastes.

Recycle everything if need be

Create a team that is responsible for waste management and have rules

Minimize the food leftovers

Have a professional team that can do waste audit

Waste assessment will help analyze statistics

Use different containers for different types of foods

Change a menu that has many leftovers and initiates proper food portions

Store all perishable foods well

Avoid buying over fresh produce

It is advisable to inspect all foods during the procuring period

Inform employee on waste management procedures

Implement policies that manage waste foods

Management commitment is required from the Board of directors to have a good recycling programmer.


At home, you can implement on ways on how to reduce waste food reduction. The principal of ‘shop less waste less’ should also exist in your home. The following show tips on how to manage waste food disposal in your home:

Use the waste management hierarchy of reuse, recycle and reduce.

Reduce unnecessary consumption

Recycle if you can and only dispose of if you must

Reuse waste foods by creating compost pits

Donate to the needy if the food is perishable and may get spoilt before you want to take it

Analyze everything that goes to the bin

Store foods in the fridge and organize it to avoid spoilt foods

Serve what you can afford to finish

Plan ahead and budget wisely

In conclusion, food waste management is a vital thing to hotels, homes and restaurants. Waste foods that end up in landfills and combustion areas are very harmful, and hence there is need to reduce. Facilities that have these sustainable programmers on waste management always save money. Waste management is critical since it avoids problems like economic, health and safety problems. Human beings are said to produce the most waste than animals, and hence it is easy for them to reduce food waste. Composite pits are used since ancient time, and it is still used to make manure for future use. Some countries follow some rules and regulations that emphasize on particular ways of managing waste, and it is proper to use those policies. Planning on what foods you buy, help you to save time, eat healthily and save time. By storing foods in the fridge helps to manage food waste and hence to give them a long life and avoiding leftovers. By donating food as an organization, it also creates corporate social responsibility advantage to your hotel/restaurant. Also check out our expert review on Water pump.


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