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What is kernel security check failure and how do we fix it?

Your work might have gotten interrupted by an error, kernel security check failure, also represented as STOP Code: 0x000000139 and most probably, that’s the exact reason why you are reading this article.


Kernel security check failure appears on BSoD, Blue Screen of Death, which Thank God, now is friendlier than before and does not scare you to death. However, you start getting nervous about your data which you think would get lost and you will be back to square one. Quite luckily, you are on the right page and we are right here to help you get through this.

Why does kernel security check failure occur?

This error might result due to driver and hardware incompatibility, unupdated drivers, memory or hard drive issues. In whichever case, your windows either crashes completely and you can not reboot at all, or the BSoD screen appears several times during your use and then gets back to normal.

Before planning on reinstalling your windows, please bear with me and read the complete article. You will save yourself from extra efforts of reinstallation.

Driver updates

Reboot your windows, type device manager on the search tab and get onto the window where you would see a list of drivers that are installed on your system. RIght click on each driver and see if there is an option for updating the driver. For all those drivers, click on update option to receive newly added updates from the specific website on the internet automatically.

kernel security check failure

Diagnose if there is a memory issue

Hope that your memory is not causing any trouble. To diagnose that, you need to run a Memory Diagnostic Check which would scan the whole system through a thorough and lengthy procedure the very next time your system would reboot. Prepare yourself for a few hours of idleness because it’s going to take a lot of time.

If your system identifies any issue with the memory, it’s time to replace your old RAM with a new one. Not that expensive, a RAM’s cost varies with the type of technology it uses and the memory itself (eg: 2GB, 4GB, etc.)

Download Easy Recovery Essentials for automated repair

Easily available on the internet, Easy Recovery Essentials is a great tool that might help you fix kernel security check failure. Basically, you run this on your operating system to check if there is any issue with memory or hard drive.

kernel security check failure

This might be a virus attack..

If the above suggested techniques/problems are not clicking then it’s perhaps a virus attack. May be, has affected the performance of your system. Search for the best antivirus software on the internet and install it on your system.



It depends how bad kernel security check failure can turn out. Mentioning again, please research well before reinstalling a fresh copy of windows or repairing it. There are always better solutions present.

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