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Some possible fixes for NO AUDIO OUTPUT DEVICE INSTALLED error

Ever saw a cross symbol on audio icon at the bottom left of your computer screen? I am sure if you have landed on this page, you must have witnessed it – and you must be needing a solution to tackle that. Firstly, this cross mark is to give a hint to the users that no audio output device is installed. Quite many times, you would hear those warning beeps coming out from your system which is basically sent as an alert that the required output device needs to be installed.



This situation is caused as a result of possible two reasons; either there is some issue with the windows files or the driver which was used to first install the output device encountered a problem. It could also be there because the driver was not installed at all.

Some sort of malware can also disable audio services at times, which then leads to no output device installed error.




On the bottom right you should see a speaker icon with a red cross on it. Right click on that icon and select Troubleshoot sound problems from the options that you will see. The audio driver will look up for any issue and will display the searched results. Play a sound track to check if your issue is resolved. Otherwise, just click on Explore additional options and proceed as I have explained below.



  1. Right click on My computer icon, appearing on your desktop.
  2. Select properties from the options.
  3. From the properties tab, select device manager (on the left side).
  4. On the window that just popped up, you will see a list of drivers that are there on your system. Expand the option that says, sound, video and game controllers and right-click on audio device. Select enable, however,  if it is already enabled, skip this step and proceed forward. 
  5. If audio driver is enabled then right click on the audio device and select UPDATE DRIVER SOFTWARE.
  6. Now, select “Search automatically for updated driver software” from the two options so that your system can directly search for the best driver from the internet.
  7. If you have already downloaded this driver from the internet, select the option that says “browse my computer for driver software”.
  8. Next, select “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”.
  9. Select your downloaded driver from the list and press Next. Let the process complete and then restart your computer for settings to be updated.
  • System Restore

When none of these above methods works in resolving your issue then System Restore is another way which can definitely help you in resolving no audio output device installed error. So, without wasting further time, run system restore in order to get your error automatically fixed.

Your case might be different every time but following above methods will surely help you in solving your no audio output device installed error.

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