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Physical Memory Dump Error – What causes it?

Be it an old PC or a brand new one, a time will come when you will see “Physical Memory Dump Error” appearing on your screen. Obviously, it’s not a 10 on 10 probability for you to have come across this error but we prepare our readers for the worst that can happen, tell them why it may have happened and provide relatable solutions, thereafter.

Physical Memory Dump error appears on that scary blue screen which automatically appears in front of you, out of nowhere, in the middle of work which is very precious to you. This scary blue screen in technical terms is called, BSoD, standing for Blue Screen of Death.

physical memory dump error

80% of the times, physical memory dump error occurs due to your windows or the drivers installed which may be corrupt. That’s easy to handle. However,  20% of the times this error occurs due to a faulty RAM, but that too is easy to fix. You are good to go, be it whatever case.

In the latter, you will have spend a few bucks, though. Don’t get fooled by the market guy in buying an expensive RAM. The rates vary only a bit. So, first take a quotation from a few friends and then go buy a RAM.  


Let’s now dig into the cause of physical memory dump error in detail. That’s how we can identify a possible solution to get rid of the trouble causing error.

  • .     One of the reasons why this could be happening is due to RAM that’s installed in your system.  In order to that out, you need to run Windows Memory Diagnostic.  If your computer passes this test, you need to move on to the next procedure because Windows Memory Diagnostic test has confirmed the good form of your RAM.

physical memory dump error

  • .     Next thing to check is windows for errors of any kind. In order to find this out, we need to perform clean boot. It will help us determine conflicts (if any) with third party softwares.
  •         Sometimes, this error appears in front of you due to some corrupt files that are secretly residing inside in your system. System File Checker is a program that helps us determine if latter is the case.

physical memory dump error

One of these pointers will surely lead you to the cause and thereafter, you will be in a better position to resolve the physical memory dump error.


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