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Possible ways to fix KMode Exception Not Handled on Windows

Windows error can be dangerous – in a sense that they can occur at any point of time. A lot of times, you have not backed up your data. That’s when these errors become dangerous, or when you are in a middle of something important and Blue Screen of Death appears or the reboot begins in a looping manner. If BSoD shows KMode Exception Not Handled error appearing as

KMode Exception Not Handled

Your computer will either enter into a booting loop or restart. Booting loop is a comparatively difficult situation to handle but we have tutorials prepared for you to get past that phase.

Enter safe mode

If your PC does not take you to desktop after a restart, you need to enter safe mode and then try to access your system. Once you are able to do that, there are a few things you should do.

KMode Exception Not Handled

Uninstall the problematic driver/program:

It may be a program or a driver, which you need to identify, that may be causing the problem. Often, KMode Exception Not Handled error does give a hint of which program or driver is becoming a source of trouble. You see that on BSoD, basically. If you identify rightly, you can easily uninstall that program by going to control panel following programs and features.

In case of a faulty driver, you majorly need to update that river by going into device manager.

Restart your system and see if the problem has resolved. If it has not, continue reading.

Empty the disk space

Perhaps, your system is running low on disk space which is why you are facing the consequences of KMode Exception Not Handled. If this is the case, you are supposed to free the disk space so that right memory can be allocated to all kinds of procedures and the Windows starts running as normal as ever.

Enter advanced boot option

It’s an advanced startup which helps you in trouble shooting. You need to use this option to access those options which you do not normally see when the Windows boots as it normally does.

Here is how an advanced startup window looks like;

KMode Exception Not Handled

Enter Recovery Environment Command Prompt

As we all know, CMD is to run commands that can make changes on your system. You can run several commands on this recovery environment of CMD to troubleshoot your PC. Beware, DO NOT use this option if you have little knowledge on CMD commands as it can do an unrecoverable damage.


One of the solutions will definitely help you get away with KMode Exception Not Handled error. Try YouTube tutorials as well since visual aid is always beneficial and help you get through each and every step using a particular manner.

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