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How to solved ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED ERROR in Chrome


The Google Chrome browser comes up with many errors and issues that need to be resolved. Because it’s become the basic necessity for every user and client. One of the main errors, the error that we get on Google Chrome browser, that is ‘This webpage is not available’ or ‘ ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED ERROR’.
If you are getting this error, then you need to follow the instructions.


Method no 1: Flushing the DNS And Renewing IP address
In order to do that, you have to open the CMD as an administrator and start typing the commands given below:
• Go to the search box and type CMD. Right click on a command prompt and click on the run as administrator.
• When the administrator is opened, in this you need to type this command that is ipconfig /dns. This is the first command, after which you need to hit enter on the keyboard. Then you can see that ‘successful flushing of the DNS Resolver Cache’ written there.
• The second command is ipconfig /renew. Type this command and hit the enter button. After that, it starts doing the operation
• The third command is ipconfig /registerdns. Type the command and hit enter on the keyboard again. Then it starts processing. It shows that registration of the DNS resource records for all adapters of this computer has been initiated. Any error will be reported in the event viewer.
After that, you need to open your Google Chrome browser and see if it affects your ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED ERROR’ or not.

Method no 2: Setting the DNS of Google As Your DNS Server
If the issue is not resolved with the first method, then you can use this method. In this method, you have to set Google’s DNS as your DNS server. There are several steps to perform this method:
• You need to press a window+R key on your computer’s keyboard in to open the window named ‘Run’. .
• Typing ncpa.cpl in the run window and clicking on ok is the second step.
• After selecting the internet connection which is active, click on it and select properties.
• In properties you need to select an internet protocol version of internet. Here, select ‘use the following DNS server addresses’. In the preferred version of DNS server, type And in the alternate vrsion of DNS server, type After that, you need to click ok and then click on close.
• Close all the windows and open your Google chrome.

Method no 3: Clearing the Cookies on Google Chrome
If the ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED ERROR is not fixed by the methods mentioned above, then this third method can be used. In this method, you have to clear Google Chrome cookies. The steps are mentioned below;
• Go to Google Chrome browser and open settings.
• You need to click on history and remove the data by clicking ‘clear the browsing data’.
• Uncheck the browsing and download history and just keep the option with cookies and clear it. This will only remove cookies from your web browser.
• Restart your browser to check if ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED ERROR’ is removed.
This will most probably remove Google Chrome web browser issues that distract from the smooth working of a system.

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