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Few ways to handle DNS probe finished no internet Error

The dns probe finished no internet error is often appeared on your browser. There are several ways to deal with it in a proper manner.

If it’s Google Chrome that is causing all the trouble where on the other hand, all other browsers are working fine, then you need to make a few changes in Chrome’s settings.

  1. Clear cookies and cached files
  2. Delete all the browsing history
  3. Uninstall addons

Restart your system to apply all the changes and see if the problem has resolved.

If ‘dns probe finished no internet’ problem still persists, try one of the ways posted below.

  1. Enter commands on Command Prompt

Open Command Prompt using Windows + R and hit the following command;

netsh winsock reset

dns probe finished no internet

Restart your system and check if the  browser works. Proceed forward to further read the article if the problem still persists.


Try these two commands next;

ipconfig /release

Hit enter and hit another command

ipconfig /renew

You are trying these commands in order to renew IP address which in this case is causing the problem.

      2. Change DNS setting from DEFAULT to OPEN

Search for Network and Sharing center in the search tab of your windows.


Follow this path to change the DNS setting to open.

Network and Sharing center > Local Area Connection > Properties > Internet Protocol Version

Once you get here, select the option: Use the following DNS server addresses, and then type the following IP address in one box: and the other IP address in the second box:

By this procedure, you have saved a preferred DNS server for your network.

dns probe finished no internet


     3. Reinstall your browser

This is everybody’s go-to option to solve the ‘dns probe finished no internet’ issue. If nothing works out, just delete the browser properly from control panel and download a fresh copy from the internet. Reinstall it on your windows.


If the same error is seen on your android phone browser, you are supposed to reinstall your browser from PlayStore.


      4. Reboot your router as the last resort to handle dns probe finished no internet error

If nothing from the above mentioned tips works out, it is time for you to play around with your router configuration, basically, rebooting all the settings.


In order to access your router settings, we have the following IPs. One of them should click for you as these are the addresses of the most commonly used routers.

TP-link –

Micromax –

D-Link –

Netgear –

3Com –

Linksys –


One of the ways will definitely help you fix the ‘dns probe finished no internet’ problem. It’s not that big a deal but it’s really frustrating to experience this when your internet is really working just fine on all other devices.

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